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Nahunta Primary School

479 School Circle

Nahunta, GA 31553

Phone: 912.462.5179

Fax: 912.462.7118

Dr. Brandon Carter, Principal

Pre-K registration begins February 2nd!

Pre-K is a first come, first serve program. Enrollment is limited. If you have any questions, please call the school.

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 School Safety

Brantley County Schools

Board Policies and Documents

Brantley County Schools Employee Handbook 2013-2014

Board Policy DIE - Fraud Prevention

Brantley County Elementary/Primary Student/Parent Handbook 2013-2014 

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Parental Involvement Page

You will find many resources here such as links to the Georgia Parent Information Resource Center and both

national and state publications for parents. 

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Nahunta Primary School Mission

The mission of Nahunta Primary School is to develop responsible citizens who are lifelong learners.

We believe:

  • Each student has the right to learn.
  • Each teacher has the right to teach.
  • No student has the right to interfere with another student's learning.

Nahunta Primary School Vision

Nahunta Primary School believes that all students are capable of learning and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of each student.