Brantley County Board of Education

Central Office Employees

Mr. Anthony Smith, Superintendent

Mr. Read Carter, Assistant Superintendent of Finance

Dr. Greg Jacobs, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Pamela Blount, Bookkeeper/Banking/Workers' Comp

Mrs. Theresa Churchill, Payroll/Insurance

Mrs. Debbie Dean, Superintendent Secretary

Mrs. Bonnie Morgan, Receptionist/Secretary

Mrs. Stefanie Velie, Maintenance/Sick Leave Secretary

Mrs. Kathy White, Accounts Payable


Mr. Craig Morgan, Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Garrett Carroll, Maintenance Technician

Mr. Jack Johns, Maintenance Technician

Mr. Scott Herrin, Maintenance Technician

Mr. Ron Morgan, Maintenance Technician

Mr. Junior Oliver, Maintenance Technician

School Nutrition Program

Ms. Laura Wainright, School Nutrition Program Director

Mrs. Becky Lane, School Nutrition Program Bookkeeper

Mrs. Michelle Lee, School Nutrition Program Secretary

Special Education/Student Services

Mrs. Roxie Tumlin, Special Education Director

Mrs. Teri Hendrix, School Social Worker/Homeless Liaison

Ms. Wendy Lee, Special Education Secretary/Records Clerk

Mrs. Terri Medley, School Psychologist


Mr. Alan Morgan, Technology Coordinator

Mr. Jeremy Clark, Technician

Mr. David Moody, PowerSchool Coordinator/Data Reporting

Mr. Dusty Thornton, Technician


Mr. Wiley Crews, Transportation Director

Mrs. Evelyn Hickox, Driver Trainer

Mr. Travis Hutcheson, Transportation Mechanic

Mr. Scott Jones, Transportation Mechanic

Mrs. Dustie McMillan, Transportation Secretary

Mrs. Patricia Smith, 3rd Party Tester

Mr. Luke Spicher, Route Coordinator